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Episode #278

June 5th, 2012

Ruby on Rails has Scheduled a Food Fight Motion. And, with the help of their Sidekiq, they'll Survey the damage made by Installing Utils on OS X. It's all on this ep...


RubyMotion has open sourced their lib

Due to the enthusiastic reception of RubyMotion in the Ruby community, the team led by Laurent Sansonetti – who previously spearheaded the development of MacRuby – decided to open source RubyMotion’s lib directory last week. You should note that while they are open sourcing pieces of RubyMotion, there is no plan to open source the entire thing.

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Episode #277

A recap of a couple of fun 'you got your music in my ruby' tools, a few gem updates, and a few useful gems to add to your toolbox on this edition of Ruby5. We recorded before the announcement, but its worth noting that Rails 3.2.5 was released last night.

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