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Episode #420

November 19th, 2013

PostgreSQL lands on Amazon RDS, using chruby and ruby-install over RVM and rbenv, a free shopping cart Rails app, integrating Quickbooks with Rails 4, Mixpanel with Ru...


Mixpanel Analytics with Ruby

You may test your code, but do you test that your users are doing what you expect them to on your website? Not a lot of developers spend time to test if their users are using their app the way they want them to, and using that data to optimize the funnel. If this sounds interesting you may want to take a read through Matthew Closson’s recent post on the Envy Labs blog. In his article he shows how to use the MixPanel API to track events: when a user visits a page, logs in, or makes a purchase. These events can be assembled into a funnel which then measures the success of a particular path.

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