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Episode #445 – March 4th, 2014

Episode #445 – March 4th, 2014

It's pattern-mania this week with: interactors, adapters and components-based architectures. Omniref allows us to take a step back to look at dependencies between popu...


Reading Rails: The Adapter Pattern

Last week Adam Sanderson wrote up a blog post about how adapters are used for the MultiJSON gem, ActiveRecord and even the DateTime and Time classes.

Quite a few people will find inspiration looking at ActiveRecord’s AbstractAdapter. It contains the basic database functionality while the MysqlAdapter for instance inherits from it and includes more stuff specific to MySQL databases, and the chain goes on all the way down to PostgreSQL.

These patterns are very handy when building an adapter for external APIs for instance. Not to mention give you the ability to make a testing adapter that makes no network calls. Sounds like a fun read.

The last example in the post is the way Rails (through ActiveSupport) basically patches DateTime to play nice with the Time class by adding a consistent #to_i method to it. As with any foray into Rails source code, you’re likely to pick up some nifty trick or discover some impressive hacks along the way.

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