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Episode #445 – March 4th, 2014

Episode #445 – March 4th, 2014

It's pattern-mania this week with: interactors, adapters and components-based architectures. Omniref allows us to take a step back to look at dependencies between popu...


Reflecting on RubyMotion Experiences

Last week, Jordan Maguire put together an article on his experiences using RubyMotion where he reflected on The Frontier Group’s 3000 or so collective hours of using it. It’s one part in what may become a series on how to work with RubyMotion from the perspective of a Ruby on Rails developer. In this article, he touches on quite a lot, but I appreciated the “don’t think of controllers in Rails when you’re working with controllers in Cocoa Touch,” “state and persistence are drastically different in a client application,” and most amusingly, the observation that “Obj-C looks like the syntax was derived at random from a bag of broken glass, barbed wire, and salt.”. Even though you’re working in Ruby at the end of the day you’re building Objective-C applications. As such, you should know Objective-C at least enough to be able to convert Objective-C code to RubyMotion.

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