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Episode #520

January 9th, 2015

Rails Misconceptions, performance and minecraft




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Episode #519

The holidays brought us Ruby 2.2.0 and Rails 4.2.0, Finishing Moves, the end/beginning of RubySpec, a nifty way to bind data from JavaScript to Rails, tips on testing controllers, and the tragic news of James Golick's death.

Episode #518

Eastward Ho, Git ours/theirs and where does your code go?

Episode #517

This week we have Streem, Rails 4.2.rc3, Papercrop, and RubyMotion 3.0.

Episode #516

This week we have a jRuby security release, a new Command API for ROM, Traveling Ruby, early validations, easy rewrites with Ruby and Science!, and a Rails Camp not too far from Hobbiton.

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