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Episode #548

May 1st, 2015

A denoising autoencoder, using UUIDs with postgres and ActiveRecord, network programming in Ruby, part 3 of Tackling Those Tests, and writing rspec formatters from scr...



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Episode #547

In this episode we discuss A New Sense of Purpose for Rails, 7 Deadly Sins of Ruby Metaprogramming, Rails Authentication, and much more!

Episode #546

RailsConf 2015, ActionCable, TurboLinks 3, Ruby Together, Lots of Bundler and instance_eval/exec

Episode #545

In this episode we cover Pundit, Capistrano, DIY Ruby CPU Profiling, and how to build an API without changing any code.

Episode #544

In this episode we discuss Ruby OpenSSL hostname verification, Ruby 2.2.2, using React.js within a Ruby on Rails app, Truth Tables, and finally a book called Clean Ruby.

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