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Episode #551

May 15th, 2015

Strong Code Review Culture, Arel Project instead of pluck, emoji in MySql and flamegraphs


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Episode #550

This week we cover Ruby: The Last Eight Years, How I TRAINed to learn Rails, Minitest, encrypting secrets with Rails, Regular Extremism, and more!

Episode #549

5 Billion RubyGems downloads, a Flappy Bird clone in Ruby, Ruby Type Systems, integrating Rubocop, RailsConf 2015 talk videos, Data Clumps, and ArrrrCamp 2015.

Episode #548

A denoising autoencoder, using UUIDs with postgres and ActiveRecord, network programming in Ruby, part 3 of Tackling Those Tests, and writing rspec formatters from scratch all in this episode of the Ruby5!

Episode #547

In this episode we discuss A New Sense of Purpose for Rails, 7 Deadly Sins of Ruby Metaprogramming, Rails Authentication, and much more!

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