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Episode #596

October 30th, 2015

Spooky Friday with Solidus, Rubinus and mocking induced damage


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Episode #595

In this week's episode, we discuss what's new in Rails 5, Ruby file uploads, Rails DB, Pastel gem, Ruby's ARGF, and MongoDB for Rubyists.

Episode #594

This week we discuss, UUIDs in Rails, Trix, safe navigation in Ruby, if you should use Celluloid and the Rails security checklist.

Episode #593

This week, we discuss async callbacks, dynamic def, functional service objects on Rails, debugging a memory leak on Heroku, and optimizing Sidekiq.

Episode #592

Accelerating file downloads, a preproduction checklist, manually installing bootstrap in Rails, multiple levels of subnavigation in Jekyll, and all the possible loops in Ruby all in this episode of the Ruby5!

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