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Episode #603

November 24th, 2015

This week, we discuss RubyConf 2015 talks, lexical scoping, a simple feature toggle for your Rails app, ActionController parameters, and RailsConf 2016.



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Episode #602

Matz keynote at RubyConf, Sidekiq 4.0 released, Bike shedding Hashes

Episode #601

This week, we discuss how Ruby/Rails developers keep updated on security alerts, Pronto, mutation testing, Rails 5, days_in_year method, and Pakyow 0.10 release.

Episode #600

This week we discuss, Ruby 2.3.0-preview 1, Hash comparison, Rails 4.2.5.rc2 and 4.1.14.rc2, slicing and dicing enumerables and how Heroku migrated to Active Record 4.

Episode #599

This week, we discuss Ruby microservice, trigram search, CSRF protection, constant lookup and resolution, and hash#contain?.

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