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Episode #613

January 22nd, 2016

Ruby on Rails gets a new logo and reiterates it's doctrine, 2015 Trends in RubyGems, Secondbase gets to first, and chunk_when what?


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Episode #612

This week, we discuss voting for Ruby Heroes, Rails 5.0.0 beta1, Tenderlove on RSpec and Minitest and Postgres 9.5.

Episode #611

This week, we discuss per-form CSRF tokens, Ruby's new &.!= operator, how to reserve your judgement when assessing a project or task, and the last call for CFPs for RailsConf 2016.

Episode #610

The Passages Rails engine, some useful rspec matchers you may not be using, lessons learned from building a Ruby gem API, rolling our own exception tracker, and refactoring Rails controllers the right way all in this episode of the Ruby5!

Episode #609

This week, we talk about Ruby 2.3, Rbenv 1.0.0, Netzke 1.0, a look at 20 years of Ruby and Rails Attributes API.

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