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Episode #627

March 25th, 2016

Ruby with Red Pandas, Otto, Ducktails and Passive Record


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Episode #626

This week, we discuss mastering concurrency; upgrading to Rails 5; custom type-casting with ActiveRecord, Virtus, and dry-types; and Ruby Heroes 2016.

Episode #625

This week, we discuss learning Ruby, Reality, spreadsheet_architect, Nordic Ruby CFP and the power of Arel.

Episode #624

This week, we discuss the release of Rails 4.2.6 and 4.1.15, DPR, Bundler 1.12 RC 2, creating new content types in Rails, and encrypting with a Rails app on Heroku.

Episode #623

The LHS gem, essential bash commands for Rubyists, Dropzone.js, the closure table pattern with postgres and Rails all in this episode of the Ruby5!

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