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Episode #640

May 27th, 2016

Rails Conf videos, with_index, collection_radio_button and dope deprecationsn


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Episode #639

This week, we discuss Rails 5, Ruby with Matz, Hanami, mini_racer, quick tips on keeping Rails apps updated, and CocoaPods 1.0.0.

Episode #638

Bi-directional destroy dependencies, building a math evaluation engine, an in-depth look at action cable, and a lesson on inversion of control all in this Friday's episode of the Ruby5!

Episode #637

This week, we discuss Rails applications, Ruby on Rails Security Project, single_cov, and sad methods.

Episode #636

Live from Rails Conf 2016 we talk to Jeff Casimir about boot camps, Nathen Harvey and Robb Kidd about deploying apps without capistrano and Olivier Lacan discusses Ruby Hero awards

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